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Introducing Deeper Life Bible Church Delaware

During the darkest and most challenging times of our life, how can we bounce back? Tough times can make us succumb to darkness. But fear not, for the Lord is with us. Whatever situation you are in, just call His Holy Name and preach His Words, for He alone can save us from the brims of temptation, confusion, agony, and misery.

If you seem to feel disconnected, lost, hopeless, and in pain, let us help you shine the light, find comfort, and revive the faith. We are your brothers and sisters in Christ. He hath called upon us to spread His Words and help you find your way back to Him.

Preaching the Word of Christ Our Sermons

Listen to God’s message in everything that you do. Reflect, repent, restitute, and reconnect with Christ through the scripture.

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Sunday Service Sermons

Join us every Sunday as we preach Christ's message and seek His guidance.

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Revival Service Sermons

Let us evangelize the world so each of us may live a Christ-centered life.

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Bible Study Sermons

Grasp the message of the scriptures and understand your life’s purpose.

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Send Your Prayer Requests

What can we pray for you? We are wholeheartedly accepting prayer requests so we can help lighten your load.

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Tell Us Your Story

Share your journey with us and how Christ changed your life.

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Join Our Ministry

Be one of the instruments of God in catalyzing spiritual change.

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We Are Committed Our Mission

We endeavor to show you how to live the life God called you to live and teach you to do what God has called you to do. It is our mission to redirect lost souls to His righteous path, revive strayed faith with His Words, and restore broken lives through His grace and love to mankind…

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